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I have a LCD19-208W TV which has gone mad. I have to press

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I have a LCD19-208W TV which has gone mad.
I have to press the Standby button on the top of TV which brings up something like Radio channel 729 or something similar and whatever button I press, be it channel or volume on my hand set or TV the channels go backwards and not either way, sometimes the volume come up maximum and I go into panic mode by keep pressing the volume button on the TV and the screen goes crazy.
Is there a chance of survival? I do love my TV as it has a sleep button!! I have tried a few times pulling out the plug etc.
Living hopefully
Thank you for your question, my name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you.
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Just to be sure Carole, remove the power to the TV and let it sit for 20 minutes to remove all residue power.
Then connect the power to the TV, turn it on and tell me please if you still have the problem.
Let me know the results please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have tried this but will do it again now.

Thanks, ***** ***** to be sure Residue power is not causing this issue.
Let me know the results please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have just re-plugged the TV and just the same. I did forget to mention when I switch on the TV there are two lights at the front, normally the larger top one lights up red and the standby goes from red to green when pressed. (I think)There is no sign of life from the larger one. I still get the radio channel and can work it backwards to select the channel I want which is usually number 1 !!!!

It is the internal mainboard that is faulting. In my experience, it will get progressively worse until it stops functioning.
Due to the age of the TV, a repair can be very costly and exceed the value of a replacement TV as the warranty will have expired. If it is unusable in any way, I would advise on purchasing a replacement.
I am really sorry about this, and if you have problems, or would like any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.
And if you can take a second to rate my service, that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your advice, I had a feeling that would be the response.



Your welcome Carole.
If there is anything else you need, please let me know.
And please remember the service rating.
Thank you
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