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Category: Electronics
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My Firestick doesn't work

Customer Question

My Firestick doesn't work
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  *ElectronicsTech replied 2 years ago.
My name is***** will assist you.
I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
Try these steps please>restart your Amazon Fire TV device with your remote. Press and hold the Select button and the Play button at the same time until the Amazon Fire TV device restarts (about five seconds). Or go to Settings > System > Restart.
Issue... Try this...
There is video but no sound
Make sure the TV audio is not muted.
If the Amazon Fire TV device is connected to an AV receiver, make sure it is on.
From the Home screen, go to Settings > Display And Sounds > Dolby Digital Output and make sure Dolby Digital Plus is set to OFF.
Try a different HDMI cable between the device and the TV or, if unavailable, unplug and replug in HDMI cable.
The Amazon Fire TV device is on, but nothing is on the screen
Make sure the TV is on and set to the correct channel and/or HDMI input.
Try a different HDMI cable between the device and the TV or, if unavailable, unplug and replug in HDMI cable.
If the Amazon Fire TV device is connected through an A/V receiver, connect it directly to the TV.
Disconnect other devices from your TV's HDMI ports.
Try setting the TV to a different resolution (1080P or 720P).
On the remote, press Up and Rewind together for 5 seconds. The Amazon Fire TV device will cycle through the possible output resolutions, starting with 1080p and working its way down to 480p, pausing at each resolution for 10 seconds. On the Amazon Fire TV, the indicator light will blink yellow. If you see the correct resolution, select Use Current Resolution.
Problems purchasing or accessing content
Confirm that your Amazon Fire TV device is connected to the Internet. An Internet connection is required to buy, stream, and sync your content.
Verify that you are connected to the Internet by visiting Home, select Settings > System > Wi-Fi..
Verify that your 1-Click payment method is set up correctly. To learn more, go to Change Your 1-Click Settings.
Movies, photos, or purchased content not showing
Verify that your Amazon Fire TV device is registered to the correct Amazon account.
To verify your registration, go to the Home screen, select Settings > My Account . If you see the wrong account listed, select Deregister. Then select Register to register the correct account.
Specific app issues
From the Home screen, select Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed Applications.
Select the application you want to modify. You can now :
Change settings
Move the app between internal and USB storage (Amazon Fire TV only)
Clear data
Clear cache
Force stop
Uninstall the application
Note: If you clear data, it won't delete the app; however, saved information such as game scores or account information may be lost or need to be re-entered.
Forgot Amazon Instant Video PIN
Go to Amazon Instant Video Settings.
In the Your Amazon Instant Video PIN section, type a 5-digit number to set up your PIN, or click View/Edit Your PIN to change your current PIN.
Can't Access USB Storage
Make sure you are using a supported USB device. Go to About USB Storage for Amazon Fire TV.
Eject the USB storage. Go Settings > System > USB Storage > Eject. Wait for the confirmation before safely removing the device.
Remove the USB device and plug it back in.