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Just upgraded to latest IOS 9 on my old iPad. Can't start

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Just upgraded to latest IOS 9 on my old iPad. Can't start it and all. I have is the iTunes icon with icon of my connecting lead pointing towards it. I'm away from home and can't connect to my iTunes source. Any suggestions? Thanks
Hi Nigel
I wont mislead or waste your time but if you tried the home and power buttons and it still has this, you have to connect it to a computer and open iTunes.
Its then going to restore it. This you cannot get around sorry.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Richard,

Your answer was exactly what I expected. The Ipad was a friend’s and he was using it away from home and had just been upgraded to IOS9.

It is an older Ipad with the wide connecting cable, not the latest version.

I assumed that it would have to be connected to the original computer that had Itunes on it, but had not come across this problem before.

Your answer was only helpful in as much as it confirmed what had to happen.

Many thanks


No, any computer with iTunes on it is ok.