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I have a 2008 BMW 320i E90 petrol automatic and mu central

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I have a 2008 BMW 320i E90 petrol automatic and mu central iDrive button does not respond when i press the button down, the directional controls and the spinning wheel respond but just not when i push down to select. How would i go about troubleshooting
before resorting to changing the unit? I have already cleaned with compressed air. Thanks ;)
Hi there,
If the button does not work when pressed down, then the contacts below it are not making good electrical connectivity.
This can happen if there is contamination (e.g. dust, dirt, grease) that accumulates on the contacts over time, or if the contacts are damaged.
You can carefully prise up the 4-way controller to see the buttons underneath.
Sometimes a slight adjustment is all that is necessary to allow good contact again.
In the worst case, the button will need to be replaced.
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