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Panasonic dmr -ex86eb 1 Will not recognise so many different

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panasonic dmr -ex86eb 1 Will not recognise so many different discs
2How do you allow recoded discs playable on all player?
Hi Dan,To ensure that the DVD you record plays on all DVD players you need to Finalise it. Here's an extract from the manual Pg 26: Using the Finalise feature allows you to play these discs on other players. NOTE: Once the disc is Finalised you will no longer be able to record onto the disc. [However if you format the DVD-RW, you can record and copy onto the disc again. (pg 68)] Notes: You cannot stop finalising once you have started it.Tips: If you want to provide the disc with a name or set play menu select, select “Disc Name” (pg 68), “Auto-Play Select” (pg 69) or “Top Menu” (pg 69) in “DVD Management” before finalising.Refer to “Finalising” (pg 69) for more detail of finalising. Hope that helps,Richard
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Hi Dan,
Many thanks for the Excellent rating and bonus.
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