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Can I hook up an Epson WF-5620 printer to send and receive

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Can I hook up an Epson WF-5620 printer to send and receive FAX when using an ADSL splitter. When I try just connecting the printer to ADSL splitter phone outlet it comes back and says the phone cable Connection Check Failed, if I take the ADSL splitter out and connect directly to the phone socket everything seems fine
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No sorry, it disrupts the signal and this is why it loses the connection, it has to be a direct connection to the socket sorry, its needed for the Fax connection.
If you really cannot avoid this you can look instead to use a service such as
Which will let you send and receive faxes via Email, removing the need for a fax machine, in the event you cannot do without the splitter as this unit does not have an extension outport that you could plug the Phone into.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. There is actually a socket at the back of the printer for attachment of a phone could I connect the printer to the phone socket directly and then get a splitter with a small plug (5pin I think) to allow attachment of a phone and modem?
ok, I checked the specifications for it and it did not list this, so it may be a later edition, but yes you can use this, as this is the purpose, to allow for a direct connection and then the phone via this.
You sure though your not looking at the network connection?
Does the phone cable connect to it correctly? Or the port is too big?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There are two ports at the back of the printer - one marked Line the other Ext with a phone symbol above it - the sockets are the same size and are smaller than the regular phone socket. When I connect the printer to the phone socket the checks for the fax seem to all Pass but attaching the phone to the Ext socket using a 2pin cable seems to power the phone but does not give a dialing tone.
ok, then yes you can connect the phone to that, the Ext one.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What cable do I need for the phone connection - the current cable, which is not working, is only connected to two pins? Also can I get a suitable ADSL splitter to allow connection of both the phone and modem to the EXT socket i.e. one with a small plug and not the normal phone plug?
Phone connections work with an RJ11 plug, so this is the plug you need.
For the modem to work it is not about the splitter but the strength of the signal you get, and that is determined by how far away you are from the telephone exchange. The only way to know this would be to test it, and see if the modem can still get the signal at the right strength so it can use it.
One thing you can check with though is I see you mention splitter, but you may not have a filter built into it. On the splitter, does it indicate it has an inbuilt filter?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I should have said filter and not splitter. The modem and phone link are working fine when attached via the filter to the phone line, it was just me trying to figure out if there was anyway to link in the printer to the phone to allow faxes as it will not work from the phone outlet of the filter. Which is what you originally said! It's just a frustration. Do you get filters with RJ11 plugs or a crossover to allow connection from an RJ11 socket to the normal filter phone plug?
correct, just needed to check on the terminology.
The phone will work this way, but the modem you will only know after trying, it will all depend on the strength which you cannot influence.
But the filter plug your looking at is RJ45 (which is for data_, you just use a RJ11 cable for phones, thats the plugs they use.
So plug from phone socket into Epson and phone into the EXT plug of the Epson
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your help Richard will give it a try. Guess that's all for now will go to your rating.
Thanks, ***** ***** you have any problems, just let me know here.
Thank you
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