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Panasonic Viera 32CS510_Series When I select On Demand at

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Panasonic Viera 32CS510_Series
When I select On Demand at the Home Page of my lovely new TV , it displays the message 'trouble loading service - sorry there was a problem loading the service. Please exit and try again'.
It was working OK yesterday, and the internet is working fine on my computer.
Can you help?
Marion (UK)
Try a reset of the Panasonic please. To perform reset, push and hold simultaneously [Volume Down] on the TV itself and [Menu] on the remote until it says "Self Check" on the TV display.[Power] on the TVOnce it shuts down turn the TV on and go through the first time set up.It the first time set up select "Wireless" and then select "Search for Wireless Networks."Once your network name is ***** ***** it with the up or down arrow and push [OK].Enter you network security Key exactly as indicated in your router setting when you set it up to WPA/WPA2.Note: passwords are case sensitive.Once you have entered it push [OK]. The TV will now perform a connection test. Once it has gone through select your date and time and go down to next and push [OK]."Please enjoy your Viera TV" will display, select [OK]
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