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On speaker the quality of sound is very scratchy.

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On speaker the quality of sound is very scratchy.
Hi. Welcome to justanswer.
Is the sound always crackling or only at high volume?
There could be many reasons for this:The connections could be dirty. To determine if this is the cause you can unplug your speakers and clean the connectors. When you plug them back in, listen to see if the crackling is still present; if it is, this was not your problem. If you are using USB speakers you may want to consider adding extra RAM to your computer, as these types of speakers may crackle when your system is running low on virtual memory. If you still have this problem after adding extra RAM, then the problem may be related to something else.Check to see if the problem is your soundcard. To do this all you will have to plug in a headset directly to the device.Now listen to see if there is still a crackling noise; if there is then the problem is your soundcard.Check the wiring or speaker cable. Move the wiring around a little; if you notice any change at all, even if moving the wiring helps the sound quality of the speakers, it means that your wiring or cable has some problems.If you have checked all of these potential problems and are still hearing the crackling in the speakers, the problem is likely within the speakers. Maybe the diaphragm has worn out due to aging or its vibrations near the magnet are obstructed due to dirt or foreign object struck inside it. Or the voice coil would have been damaged. Reply if you need further assistance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please rate the chat POSITIVELY so that I can get credited for my answer. Thanks.
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