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I am a private tenant in a ground floor flat (we have

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I am a private tenant in a ground floor flat (we have maisonettes with gardens above us - whose gardens are over our property).
One of the gardens above blocked pipes which caused a damp problem in our flat.
The problem was rectified by the tenant above.
My landlord subsequently had installed an electric vent thingy in the bathroom (about 4 weeks ago, which appears to be working).
She has also now had an 'air circulation unit' fitted in the living room - with a hole (covered by mesh filter thingies) put in the bedroom. The distance between the a.c.u. & mesh thingy is approximately 50 feet.
The issues I have are:-
1 - The air circulation unit, is blowing air down the room directly behind where we sit (there is no other position to put the sofa's in the room).
If we have it on we end up with stiff necks - I have arthritis and muscular dystrophy, so you can image the additional problems this causes.
2 - The machine was fitted without an isolator switch, so there is no way to turn it off other than removing the fuse.
My problem with this is a safety one, if there was a problem with the item i.e. a fire then we could not isolate it and it would potentially cause major problems.
We have removed the fuse and refused to use the item as we have stated to the landlord that it is unnecessary as the problem that caused the damp has now been rectified and that since it does not have a isolator switch it is not a safe fixture.
She has insisted we put the fuse back in and use the item as she has paid a lot of money for the thing to be fitted.
Are we correct that it should have an isolator fitted and that we have the right to refuse to use the item as it is an unnecessary thing.
thank you for taking the time to read through this
Hi there,Yes, this machine should have an isolator switch fitted for safety reasons - how else would you quickly turn it off in an emergency...Also, as tenants it is your right to turn on or off the equipment as required.
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