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I purchased a pioneer av amp 1130k recently that was

Customer Question

I purchased a pioneer av amp 1130k recently that was supplied from a company in Germany.It worked fine for 2 months.. and now will not power on. When the on button is pressed there is just a click click sound. Have looked online and have tried the various reset methods to no avail.. Have used a torch to look at the fuses visible through the top and these look fine. Am guessing the amp board is at fault? One person said there is a problem with the main power supply? Have changed the Cable and yes there is power to the amp hence the clicking when trying to power it on.Have reverted back to using my old pioneer amp which I hasten to add Ive had for over ten years which still works great though I only upgraded as wanted HDMI etc. Is it actually worth having this receiver repaired as the same problem will only re-occur? There seems to be an inherant fault with these pioneer products now and like so many online users are saying they will not consider buying another pioneer product again... Pioneer used to produce quality hifi equipment as I own one their plasma televisions (work of art I hasten to add and wouldnt trade it for another television full stop) also have a set of floorstanding speakers that have worked flawlessly for over 6 years.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,

If you have a multimeter available then you can test the power supply board to confirm if it has failed.

However since the amp is almost new and likely still under warranty, you should contact the supplier rather than attempt any repair yourself - if purchased in Germany, you will be covered under the EU's 2 year automatic warranty and they will need to make good on this.