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I have just purchased a UE40JU6410 tv and am unable to link

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I have just purchased a UE40JU6410 tv and am unable to link it to my BT Wi FI router. I have connected a D-Link powerline AV 500 to my router and to my tv, however the tv notes a failure to connect automatically. I have tried to do this by manually inputting numbers to the IP address,Subnet Mask and Gateway. This calls for only four numbers to each and there is no way to input the much longer numbers given on the TV. What four numbers are correct for these. Appreciate response

Hi there and welcome

To check the TV is connected to the powerline adapter, and there is another one at the other end connecting to the router correct?

Richard and 2 other Electronics Specialists are ready to help you

please allow me 5 minutes and I will call you

As explained, this is the device you need

Any issues, please let me know

Thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Richard
I have just purchased the range of extender you recommended but it hasn't solved the problem even though I have tried it in two separate electric points that have no other connections. I thought from your comment that this range extender would allow the TV to automatically locate the signal from the router and solve the problem. This has not happened so the tv just informs me that there is no signal. Richard I must add that I am not good with solving this type of problem and if something doesn't work when it's switched on I've had it. The extender does indicate that it is powered up but that WiFi security is not enabled.
Please advise. If you want to phone the number is ***** 772476Look forward to hearing from you, but please expect to be dealing with a dummy.Cheers. David Beavis

Hi David

you will still need to setup the range extender first.

Can you click on m link below and follow the instructions to do this please

Once it is set up you can then connect the TV to its network.

Let me know how you go please

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Richard As per the booklet I have pl;aced the extender in the same room as the router and the WPS Led is showing a solid green. What next?David

ok David, thats just the first step...

Did you follow the booklet through to completion, so continuing on on the next page?