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I have just bought a second hand Samsung LCD TV, Model

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I have just bought a second hand Samsung LCD TV, Model LE32R87, with built-in Freeserve. The picture and audio are excellent, but I cannot access many of the channels that I received on my old system with a set-top box. The new TV has a Guide button on the remote to select the channels, but many of the channels I want do not appear. I have downloaded a list of channel numbers, but the TV set will not accept them when I key them in. What should I do? Will I need another set-top box to access the channels I want?

Could you provide a a couple of examples of channels which are missing?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The list I downloaded gave 181 channels, but by no means all are of interest. I particularly miss More4 (14), Film4 (15) and Horror Channel (70) - the number in brackets are the given channel settings.which do not work. I was able to get all of them on my previous TV set which was a Goodman CRT, and ancient.

You may find your new TV has a lower tolerance to interference, and your new Samsung TV will not channels with poor\low signal. Freeview have a list of suggestions which can be found here.

To start with I would perform a factory reset of the TV to clear all settings, check the coax cable is undamaged and connected firmly into the TV and wall, then re-tune.

If the channels still do not reappear, I would consider investigating the signal strength (which may impacted by a poor coax cable, poor quality aerial or incorrectly installed aerial).
Looking at how the 3 channels you are watching are broadcast More4 and Film4 are part of the same group as ITV and Channel4, so would tune into ITV2 for example, then look at the TV's signal strength, as see if adjusting the aerial improves this, before then doing a further re-tune.

You can access the channels signal strength by selecting the channels, pressing the "D.Menu" button on the remote, selecting "Setup", then "System" followed by "Signal Information" from the on screen displays. You may then wish to compare this to another channel such as BBC.

Should you need anything clarified please let me know.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If the TV is working, say on BBC1, and I enter a number - I have been trying 14, for More 4 - there is a brief pause, and then "CHANNEL NOT FOUND" appears and the picture reverts immediately to the original BBC1. I could find the signal strength on BBC1 as you suggest, but the setting never stays on 14 to carry out this test.

You wont be able to tune to 14, you should tune to ITV or Channel 4 (channel 3 or 4), and pull up the signal strength.

BBC should have a higher signal strength as that is on a separate transmission bandwidth.

Let me know what the difference is between BBC, ITV and Channel 4, there should be a strength and error rate value.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I tried to find the signal strength on BBC 1. , but when I pressed "D Menu" on the remote, "Set-Up" was not among the four options that appeared. What am I doing wrong?.

What options do you see when you push the menu button?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The four options were "Now and Next"; "Full Guide"; "Scheduled List"; and "Default Guide ....Full Guide." I was on BBC 2 at the time, and the picture kept fragmenting, and sometimes I lost it completely. There was also an occasional clicking noise. I heard this when I first connected the TV up, but not thereafter.

The clicking noise will just be the relays turning on (nothing to be concerned with).

So you tune to BBC 2 for example, on the remote you press "d.Menu" and then get options for the TV guide, your not seeing a menu such as the one attached?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The screen I see has a similar format to the one you show, but the options are the ones I gave previously, viz Now and Next, Full Guide, Scheduled List and Default Guide ...... Full Guide.

On the left hand side of the screen are there icons, if so can you see one which looks like a cog (similiar to that in the image)

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
From BBc 1, I pressed D.Menu and got into the former screen. On this, I went down to "Cog" on the LHS and got into a further screen, which was labelled Set Up at the top. There were four options:- "Menu Transparency - Opaque"; "Parental Lock"; "Subtitle - Off" and "Audio PCM". There was no "System", and pressing "Enter" only modified Menu Transparecy.

In Setup, scroll down, are there any other options past Audio PCM (there should be additional options \ second page)?

If not it sounds like you have a different firmware version, and ill find out where the signal information is hiding, sorry this is taking longer than I had hoped.

JamesI and other Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Partial) Success! I managed to get the signal information for BBC 1, BBC2 and Channel 4, although the latter was not transmitting..All three gave Bit Error Level of 0 and Signal Level of 42-3. However, there seems no way of getting in to ITV; it does not appear on the list of available channels when I press "Guide". I do not understand this. I had no difficulty accessing this and the other channels on my old set, and the antenna has not changed.Thank uou for your patience. I am slightly shocked thata simple enquiry has turned out to be so difficult.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Although you have had some success, insofar that I can now measure the signal levels on the channels I can access - the level on Channel 4 appears to be 60% of that on BBC 1 - my original question, how to reach the missing channels, remains unanswered, and I look forward to your further comments