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Wonder if any electrician could help me with a general

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Wonder if any electrician could help me with a general question. I have an Aqualisa shower where the pump is in the loft of my bungalow. I was going to have a updated model fitted. They tested the pump/electrics in loft with a "socket and see multifunction tester" which they said checked voltage quantity and polarity and earth fault loop impedance. They reported as soon as the test probes touched conductors the supply shuts down. We have a mains board system (9 years old) that is extremely sensitive and if a bulb goes it shuts that part down but it has never shut the shower down. Has anyone any idea what the problem could be as do not know if it is shower or link between that a mains board. Any advice appreciated.

Hi Jan,

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question. A socket and see multifunction tester is not the best way of testing a supply it is to be used as at indication of the supply quality a proper multi fuction tester should really be used. The socket and see is probably tripping the RCD because of the way it works. Could you send me a photo of you fuse board.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

That's what we thought. Do you mean the mains trip? I am at work right now but might be able to do photo later is that OK?

Yes the main trip I think your main trip is a time delay RCD you probably have that because of the type of earthing you have at the house. A photo later would be great but I feel that there is unlikely to be anything wrong with your supply. The RCD is there to protect you and they can be quite sensitive.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Sorry just sent you a picture of our mains board - hope this is what you need. Many thanks - Jan


Thank you for the photo you do have an RCD Trip protecting the whole house. I feel that there is no reason why your shower pump could not be upgraded as planned. The new shower pump should be electrically tested after installation and a minor works certificate issued.

It may be worth seeing if you could find an electrician who could install and test the new pump for you.

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