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I have a Rotel RX-600A AM/FM Stereo Receiver/amplifier

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I have a Rotel RX-600A AM/FM Stereo Receiver/amplifier (circa 1975). One of the stereo channels has stopped working. I have been told by a local audio repair shop that they are unable to obtain the correct technical repair manual which is essential for them to repair it. The are saying the manual they need for my amplifier is a series 2 and they are only able to locate a series 1 which apparently is no good. Can you help before I give up?

Hi David,

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question. I can only find one service manual for the RX-600A I would not have thought that the models would have differed that much from series one to series two.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you carlday1. In all my own searches relating to the Rotel 600-A there is no mention of there being a series 1 and series 2 manual so I am slightly puzzled as to how the repair shop discovered this and say the series 1 manual doesn't help.. I rather agree with you that the difference would be minimal so can I just ask if, in your opinion, knowing the problem is a faulty stereo channel, this amp could likely be repaired by a competent electronics technician. This would help me decide whether to try getting it fixed elsewhere or simply give up. This particular shop have had the unit for 3 months and I'm obviously getting a bit frustrated having no hi-fi system. Many thanks, David

Hi David,

I do believe the amp could be fixed by an electronics tech with the right equipment, to be honest having a circuit diagram is a luxury many repairs I carry out i have to use my knowledge of electronics and work things out for myself. Sometime without a diagram you do get stuck but that tends to be more on modern electronics that have multi layer boards because you cannot work out what is connected to what.

The only problem I could see is finding the replacement components as many would no longer be manufactured but equivalents should be available it will just take time working out the best equivalent component

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