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I've been using a FR910XT for about a year for running

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I've been using a FR910XT for about a year for running cycling and walking, downloaded through Garmin Express to Garmin Connect using an ANT+ plugin. Although it's not the easiest device to use it's still one of the few powerful enough for what I want.
It's also setup to upload to Strava as well and I often export the GPX files to Memory Map.
First question - is there an app for Android with the functionality of Garmin Express which actually works?
A while ago I completely reset it (factory settings) to clear some random problems but it's recently started producing corrupted GPX files, typically I get a red error bar in Garmin Connect when I upload these but I'm not sure about a definite link between them. When the CPX is loaded into Memory Map it plots the route but has long tracking lines going 'vertically' down the map at some points, often at the start.
I used an XML editor (Oxygen) to examine one of these corrupted GPX files and found the latitude/longitude element to have a value of 0,0, i.e. Greenwich meridian at equator. by either deleting those trackpoints complex elements or substituting the lat/long from the previous trackpoint in there it clears the problem.
This happens with GPX files from either Connect or Strava. Deleting all events on the FR910XT seems to be a fix for a while but it starts again.
Do you have any solution I can apply to this? It looks a bit like some corrupted memory locations used by the tracking files in the FR910XT but that's just a guess, in the meantime all I can do is to clear the events from the device when I've verified the uploads.
I can provide example 'before' and 'after' files if that would be useful.
Also, I've asked before but is there a software update that can have the date as a display field, that would be really useful.
Thanks in anticipation
Dave Walton (*****@******.***)

Hi Dave,

There isn't an Android app available yet that covers all of the functions of Garmin Express.

To stop the corrupt GPX files occurring, you should back up all data and reset the device again.

You could also try updating the device when any updates are available to help eliminate these bugs and glitches.

There isn't yet a software update available that allows the date to be used as a display field.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi PeteApologies for the delay but I've been testing it again for another event today, and as expected it was OK. Just for clarification, I'm disappointed that you couldn't provide a solution as opposed to a work-around and that Garmin don't seem to provide updates, etc. to fix problems on the expensive devices that we rely on, but this isn't a reflection on the quality of your answer in the sense that it's all we have.
No more response needed at this stage so thanks.Dave Walton