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I have just fitted a Pioneer 4800dab in my car but every

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I have just fitted a Pioneer 4800dab in my car but every time I turn on the ignition it shows the set up menu despite me having gone through the process several times and confirmed every step. Also I am trying to store stations as presets by pressing a preset button while tuned in to one I want and waiting until the display stops flashing but again, every time I turn the unit off and on again they are lost.
Also, when listening to a station if I turn the unit off and back on again it loses that station - as I do a lot of multidrop this is extremely frustrating.
I can`t see I`m doing anything wrong as I`ve followed the instructions in the manual to the letter but what else do I need to do to get it to remember things that I`ve input?
Kevin Heaphy

Hi Kevin,

Most radios have a permanent live, the feed from the ignition is just to tell the radio when to power on \ off with the car, it sounds like the radio is only getting a switched live, so when you switch off the engine all power to the radio is lost.

Attached diagram shows the connection to double check (yellow plug), the manual does state some models require 3 and 5 to be swapped around, so Red to Yellow and Yellow to Red, which I think is most likely to resolve your issue, and ensure the radio has a permanent live, and stop it losing its memory.

Please let me know how you get on.


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