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I have a new Samsung Smart TV (Model EU40JU6400K; Type

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Hi, I have a new Samsung Smart TV (Model EU40JU6400K; Type EU40JU6400) with 2 external devices attached; a DVD and a SAORVIEW box. Everything has been working fine for several months but two days ago I made an unknown 'keyboard' error and disconnected my internet connection; so YouTube and Netflix were unavailable. All my TV stations were still available, via the SAORVIEW box, DVDs also played fine. Then yesterday I reconnected my internet connection, re-entering my wireless internet Security Key, and YouTube and Netflix now work fine. However, I cannot get any TV picture at all via my DVD or SAORVIEW box. The TV indicates that I should check my cable connections but they appear fine and it is highly unlikely that my DVD and SAORVIEW cables would develop a fault at the same time. I have also plugged my DVD & SAORVIEW boxes into different HDMI connections (on back of Samsung TV) but the fault remains; no TV picture at all from my DVD or SAORVIEW. The TV is working fine as YouTube and Netflix programs show perfectly. Can you suggest a solution here.? Thanks in advance for your help, Eamon.

Hi Eamon,

I would suggest you to a factory reset, go to the Menu, select support then Factory Reset.

It sounds like the settings have become currupt.

Please let me know how you get on after performing the factory reset, if you need further guidance on performing the reset let me know


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James, did what you suggested; went to MENU, selected SUPPORT... but there is no Factory Reset option available.!
The options available are: Remote Management; e-Manual; Smart Hub Tutorial; Use Mode and Contact Samsung. Two additional options, Self Diagnosis and Software Update are in light, less distinct, letters which I take it means they are not available.

No problem Eamon it just means you have a slightly different software release running on your TV.

Set the source to terrestrial TV (not HDMI), and ensure no other menus are open.

Then goto Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset

If prompted for a PIN use 0000 (which is the default unless you have changed it)

If your having issues access self diagnosis still, disabled game mode by going to Menu > System > General > Game Mode

Please let me know how you get on.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James, I did as you suggested and my TV stations and DVD are now working fine.
What is likely to have caused this malfunction to my previously fine setup.? Eamon.

Most likely cause is the software become confused \ corrupt, maybe you plugged in the HDMI cables when the TV was switched on and it couldnt correctly detect the devices, its the joy of TV's now having computers basically controlling them.

It may be worth checking your TV has the latest firmware version now the TV has access to the internet via WIFI, there should be an option under the Support menu to check for updates.

Glad your working again, so I may resolve this case can you please rate the service received.


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