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What s the minimum power of bass amp required for small pub

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Hi, what s the minimum power of bass amp required for small pub gigs, please?

Hi Dorothy,

It really depends on the size of the pub.

A 25 Watt amp would work for most pub venues.

If that sounds really small, then there are some facts about amplifier power that you really ought to know - here are the important points:

  • A 100W amp is not twice as loud as a 50W amp. In fact it’s only a little bit louder (approx. +3dB).
  • To make an amp twice as loud you have to increase the wattage by ten times! So to be twice as loud as a 50W amp you would need a 500W amp.
  • That means that a 10W amp is still around half as loud as a 100W amp.

So the 25W amp range I’m suggesting is still plenty of volume – more than half as loud as a 100W amp.

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