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I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT 700 recorder and am considering

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I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT 700 recorder and am considering upgrading - would pass on the old machine to a relative. I have questions on the existing machine and choice of a possible successor.
Question about the 700 - on p 116 of the manual it refers to the possibility of backing up all the contents of the HDD. In my case, I'm particularly interested in the large collection of CDs which I've put on (using grace-note for labeling). How can this be done? Can I put it onto my seagate HDD backup device? Would I need to obtain the LAN adapter? (It would take far to long to do it disc by disc of course).
For a routine clean of the lens, is it sensible to use my Allsop CD-ROM lens cleaner (model 05600) or what do you suggest?
For a new machine - I use mine in conjunction with Virgin TiVo and need a SCART connection - i that because of BluRay copyright issue? I don't ever use BluRay and don't expect to. Otherwise, I would like to have everything that I'm used to, including storage and cataloging audio CDs - plus 1 Tb memory. You have a model BWT 740, and HWT-250 both 1 Tb. Price is not the issue, I just want the most suitable machine you can offer.
one point is I have never used BluRay discs and am not likely to. i gather there are some restrictions (like needing to use SCART connection
If I went to the 740 would it do everything the old BWT-800 could do (e.g. includes wi-fi link)? What advantages does it have over the 700 (other than much increased HDD capacity)?

Good evening sorry for the delay in responding.

There isn't a standard facility to export\backup files via USB or Network to a PC, in order to meet the copy right protection requirements. The reference I believe you have seen regarding a backup, suggests the content is backed up to disk ("As a basic rule, save important content to a disc as backup.").

I am aware of some reports where consumers have been able to do this, such the by follow the steps listed here, but this isn't a supported processes (and therefore may not work).

With regard to lens cleaning, this shouldn't need to be done very often I often wait until the machine stops playing and starts jumping when playing \ writing disks, I would always use a blueray lens cleaning kit (if any), have a look at the video here which claims why, you can pick up Clean Doctor on Amazon for under £15 here.

With regard to your other 2 questions about a potential replacement \ upgrade PVR, you are correct, you would need to use an analogue input such as scart to prevent copyright protection issues, however this will become more and more of an obstacle to overcome as analogue inputs\outputs are faded out (as can be seen on the latest Sky box)

The 800 series introduces increased storage, and was first range to include support to RGB input, and come with integrated WLAN, and multiple HDMI. In essence the 740 does have all the key features the 800 series offered, so would seem to be the logical upgrade for you (as it also continues to have a Analogue input via Scart).

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** Happy to clidk "securely connected" and pay the £22, but was not sure whether that would finalise our link.
Could I check something? My central concern is how I could upgrade without losing the very large amount of time I spent loading a collection of CDs – this involved writing titles where GraceNote did not work. Downloading to discs surely would not answer. Thank you for the link showing another way to do back-ups. These seemed to refer to video shows ...whereas my main interest is in the music CDs, organised for convenience.If I understand you correctly, this cannot be done? Even by downloading to a USB stick, or if I were to buy a LAN adapter?Or suppose a dealer had both my old machine and one I was about to buy, could the information be transferred?Or are you saying that if my HDD fails, or when I replace / upgrade my machine, this information dies with it?If that’s the case, I would not consider an upgrade while my machine is working. However, would then consider buying a LAN Adapter if you could tell me how that could improve things?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It does not seem to have gone out to you??
So trying again.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did not add a tip (yet) because the job's not done. It does not seem that this supplementary request for clarification got through - though the email said that could be done for no extra charge?

Sorry for the delay in responding, the question was marked answered so didnt show your follow up question, rest assured there is not additional charge for seeking the clarification requested.

Unfortunately there is not mechanism for backing up and restoring CD titles, other than the approach to export the contents on to disk which as you have already advised is orientated around video recordings. I appreciate this must be frustrating, but I would suggest you look towards using a media centre to mange your CD collection going forward.

The software on the DMR-BWT-700 does not support USB or Network export, so I would advise buying an adaptor as this is not a support mechanism, and will probably cause more issues re-importing the content back on to your replacement.

You could approach a service centre to copy the content, as they would probably be able to remove the two hard disks and transfer the files and config over from one disk to the other, however this isnt a recognised process but at least paying for it to be done professionally you know its not going to invalidate your warranty.

In summary should your HDD fail, you will lose all the data \ information stored on your PVR, a media centre would have RAID which is redundant HDD and reduce the likely loss of data. I would urge against buying a LAN adaptor since there is no supported export facility, but would suggest you contact your local service centre to ask for a quote copying content from a 700 model to a 740 model for example.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, James. That does now answer my issues very thoroughly, and I'll look into the media centre solution for CDs. Also, when upgrading, I'll see if I can get a quote for copying first.