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JamesI, Technician
Category: Electronics
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I have a 12 sheet feeder Pro Action shredder (3 years old).

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I have a 12 sheet feeder Pro Action shredder (3 years old). When feeding the paper into the shredder it goes in from the left or right and not straight. There is a blockage in the centre whereas each time I put paper in the centre the paper just builds up in the centre. I have unblocked many times now but still have the same problem. I have tried looking online for customer service but unable to find any contact details at all.
Would you know what is causing this problem?
many thanks

More often than not its due to the blades becoming blunt, the majority of shredders have the middle\centre blades go blunt first, this can cause blockages, and also paper to be pulled unevenly.

Once they have gone blunt its not really economical to get them sharpened, and alot of the sharpening 'sheets' you run through them doesnt really work from my experience.

However before residing to the fact the blades are blunt, I would be inclined to strip the unit down (with it unplugged), and make sure there arent any staples, or debris stuck in between the two drums, then give it a good oil. Sometimes you cant see a blockage until you take it apart, and spending 20 minute giving it a clean up can bring it back to life.

Please let me know how you get on.

Good morning do you still require assistance?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James, I have not had the chance to take it apart as yet, just got back from Hertfordshire. Will try Fri or Sa,t either way will let you know the outcome.

No problem Brian, will await to hear back from you.

Hi Brian, how did you get on with the repair?

Good morning Brian, I havent heard from you in the last couple of days do you still require assistance. In order for me to close the case I need you to rate the service received using the star rating on this page.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi James
I have taken apart and found that there is very little difference from the blades in the center to the blades at the ends. I think it is what "blunt, sharp, long, or short teeth" is classed as, too me they all look very much the same. It is used for home use only and from experience with other shredders I do not put staples in nor credit cards. I bought it in Dec 2013 and what I thought was a good make and model (Pro Action) and middle of the range this would see me through for a number of years, clearly this is not the case.

Brian its all hit and miss, I have serviced and scrapped shreaders costing £500 and those costing £50, by in large its pot luck a good brand may have a poor design. Ive got a cheap £50 one which has been going strong for 5 years, but also know ones which costs 100s (and get same amount of use) die after 18 months.

I cant really offer another solution if you have serviced the unit, and checked everything is aligned, sharp and free from obstruction.



Hi Brian, I havent heard back from you, do you require any further assistance?

If not appreciate if you can rate the service received, so I may close the case



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
James, what is the make and model of yours? perhaps I should get one if it has lasted 5 yearsBrian

The one I have is a AT-8X by Ativa, its used daily and can handle paperclips, cd's, dvds etc and also shreds to DIN3 specification.

Its currently being sold here for under £40, the only limitation I have with it, is if you feed 6-8 sheets one after the other for 2-3 minutes, it soon locks out for 15 minutes to let it cool down.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for sharing your information, I have looked at the Ativa and decided to buy one but not sure of the model plus I like the idea of it been on wheels.
Thank you for expertise.Brian

No problem Brian, appreciate if you can rate the service received today so I may close the case.



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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Pleasure 'talking' to you James and thank you for you help and advice.Worth 5*sRegards