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Ive been informed by a local garage that the CAT D car i

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Ive been informed by a local garage that the CAT D car i bought has been repaired inadequately and while we are in the process of attempting to reject the car outright as we have been told it is not roadworthy id like to get a price to get the car back up to a high standard.

Without seeing pictures of the damage its hard to tell, but if you found a local firm I would expect to page:

£350 - Replace and repaint N/S Wing

£300 - Sand and respray bonnet and F/S wing

£200 - Align N/S/F Door

£50 - Secure battery

£100 - New N/S headlamp/bracket and alignment

£150 - Weld front bumper and secure to N/S

£200 - Secure the replace wiring loom and wiring under battery tray

However as they have stated on the report its only wiring they cite as being dangerous. So your looking about £250 to fix the battery and wiring, the lamp alignment will be a MOT failure so that will need to be done as a minimum, depending on if the time actually opens without an issue and if there are any sharp parts on the wing, they wouldnt cause an issue on the MOT.



Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi James please see attached one photo that was sent me in regards ***** ***** wiring, they have stated a whole new loom would be required

The picture doesnt look that bad too me, but its only after you start pulling it apart and checking for bare wires you can see likely fault.

The £200 cost should cover replacing one loom, if there is more than one your looking at an additional £100, but you would be getting the loom from a scrap yard anyway rather than new and they normally only charge £30-50.

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