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I have EX100U projector, has worked OK for years. With a new

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I have EX100U projector, has worked OK for years. With a new computer it projects OK when PC screen is off, but vertically squashed when both projector and PC are on together. I have matched the computer resolution to the projector. The same effect occurs with other new computers, so the problem seems to be in the projector. Canyou help?

Hi Philip,

Start by changing the resolution on the project so its different to the PC and see if that stops the distortion.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
How do I do that? There is no way to change the resolution on the projector. If the resolution on the computer is greater than the projector the projected image is cut off at both sides.

That sounds like a limitation of the video card, within display settings you should be able to click on display 2 (projector) and have a completely different resolution to display 1.

If windows isnt having it, unplug the PC monitor and see what resolutions the project is prepared to operate at when its the only display, then introduce the PC monitor and alter the PC monitor so you can get both showing at once.

Are you looking to use the project as a mirror rather than extension, as this may be another reason why you having issues.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I want to have the same image on the projector screen and the PC, so I can face an audience with the big screen behind me and the PC in front of me. Is this what you mean by a mirror? This has always been OK hitherto. On display 1, PC only, the resolution is 1920X1080. On both the resolution is 1024X768. On projector only the resolution panel is greyed out and has no effect.

1024 x 768 is the supported resolution of the projector, what happens when you set the monitor without the projector connected to 1024 x 768

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
the projected image is full width but squashed - as my original diagnosis. That on the PC is OK, but not full screen

So with no monitor connected the screen is still squashed when the res is 1024x768?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
PC only on 1024X768: image full picture but reduced to about the old TV format - 4X3 image not squashed
Both PC and projector on 1024X768: PC as above, projector full picture but squashed - 16 X 9?
Projector only : full picture , no distortion, 4X3 shape.

Its strange, as its sounds like its working in Anamorphic/letter box mode, but it doesnt act like that when no PC screen is plugged in.

On the project remote press the 16:9 button and see if that gets you back to a 4x3 image with the pc monitor on.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
The 16X9 button has no effect except when on projector screen only. The projector menu is set for anamorphic off. Changing it to on seems to have no effect.

In that case the next thing to try is a different computer such as a laptop to see if you get the same fault, which points to the projector, however I believe the issue is actually a hardware fault on the graphics card of the computer, in which case the fault wont occur when using a laptop.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have always only used a lap top. In my first query I confirmed that we have tried other lap top computers (straight out of the box) and the fault is just the same, so the fault seems to be with the projector. Is this about as far as you can go?

This does point to a hardware fault, within the main PCB which houses the signal processor within the project, as clearly this isnt input issue.

Its worth doing a Reset All, on the menu, however I wouldnt expect this to resolve the issue since anamorphic has already been disabled in the menu, and no other settings should cause this fault.

If the projector is still under warranty you can get a replacement, however this is showing as a older model so probably out of support, the cost of repair (a new PCB) would be uneconomical in my view, leaving with you with the only option of replacement.

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