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I recently purchased an msi apache pro ge72vr7rf computer.I

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I recently purchased an msi apache pro ge72vr7rf computer.I seem to wave inadvertantly dowloaded unwanted files,from my old computer,including a non functioning edge browser and lost some of the original features.Although I backed up to Norton backup,when I try to restore all I get is restore failed.Is there any I can reset ro originale settings,
***** *****head

Hi there Frank and welcome

Which version of windows are you using?

Please let me know

Thank you

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
windows 10


To return it to new, you can reinstall windows, which will not touch your data but you will need to reinstal all programs as it will remove these.

To do this, go to Start, settings, update and security, recovery.

Click on get started under reset my pc.

Make sire to choose to keep all your files.

Let the reset complete and the computer will be at its original settings.

Let me know please how you go

Thank you

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I need to get edge browser either removed or working,many times an app tries open in edge but the browser opens with a blank page then closes.I have tried making firefox my preffered browser but many apps still goto edge.

ok, I am not sure though Frank why you rated me with such a bad rating? You asked me how to restore the computer to the original settings, which I told you, but you turned around and made a complaint about me indicating I was rude and incorrect? Is it possible you can explain why you made this complaint?

If you want to have Edge just working... then you need to click start, type in control and click on control panel.

Then click on uninstall a program, and uninstall Trusteer Rapport

then try to open it

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