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SWA5000 will not link with HT-E4500. printed off operating

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SWA5000 will not link with HT-E4500. printed off operating instructions and followed to the letter. Go through the reset ID winking blue light then back to stby (red) I have ordered replacement wireless Tx but not sure if this is the cure. Will not arrive till end of Jan. have also recode remote as part of reset ID 0, 1, 3, 5. Any other ideas please?
regards ***** *****

Hi there and welcome

Check the compatibility the speaker works with the HT-C5500, HT-C5530, HT-C6530 and HT-C550 models.

Can you tell me where you saw it was compatible with yours?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Not quite the response I was expecting.
I bought this system as complete. i.e Receiver HT-E4500 with wireless Tx adaptor, 5 speakers, and wireless rear amp SW5000. The amp lights as normal but will not link to the receiver. When linked, blue light should remain steady and sound should be heard from l/r rears but mine does not. When attempting to pair the indicator light link flashes blue them reverts back to red . It is possible the Tx module is not functioning so I have ordered a replacement from Samsung which should arrive by end of Jan.
I do not have access to these other receivers you refer to. Hope this assists, Regards Brian

Did the amp ever work with the system?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
for the 2-3 years on 1st purchase. It has not been in use recently until I decided to bring it back into use. The receiver works fine and am going to check out the wired side to confirm the rear surround side does work.

Thanks, ***** ***** not mention this model in the compatibility list but if it worked before it is then compatible of course.

Have you done a full reset of the unit?

If not, remove any disks from the unit then with no disk in it, press and hold the stop button on the player for 10 seconds then release

Let it restart and try to connect and tell me if it then works

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
O.K will keep you informed. Thanks.

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Thank you

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