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Category: Electronics
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I have bought new Bose solo 5 sound bar for my tv Viera

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I have bought new Bose solo 5 sound bar for my tv Viera TX42U2L I cannot get sound to come out of sound bar from DVD and set top box, the DVD is also Panasonic and works if connected directly to sound bar. I have been in contact with Panasonic via email and have tried various things including reset to shipping mode. Just wondered if you could help.
Thank you for reading this mail
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Hi Roger can you talk me through how the Bose sound bar is connected to your devices currently and how the DVD/set top box are connected to the TV.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi James, good afternoon, yes the sound bar is connected to the tv via an optical lead this does in fact allow me to get sound direct from the tv through the sound bar, my DVD (Panasonic) and set top box (Echostar) Freesat are connected via HDMI leads via ports HDMI 1&2 but I cannot get any sound from the tv from these appliances. I was using a Samsung sound bar which used an optical lead plus a two into one coaxle lead and that worked ok. The Bose only has one of two, optic or coaxle can't have both and the coaxle is only a single, no single output on tv. Tried the two in one but that does not work. Connected DVD direct to sound bar and worked fine. Hope that helps James thanks Roger

Ok, and you get sound on the TV speakers when watching DVD' its just not being transmit via digital optical out?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Roger that James and the same for set top box

It sounds like the audio processor has failed on the TV. as you have said you have already gone through the software settings and configurations it sounds to me like you have a hardware fault.

You wont get the sound quality your after but as a troubleshoot step I would look to plug the headphone jack on the TV into the Aux input 3.5mm jack on the soundbar, and check your getting sound for TV, DVD and set top box.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
It's getting sound from the tv ok I can listen to that from the sound bar just nothing from HDMI sources. Don't have a lead with two different size Jack plugs on but will see what I can get and get back James
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
James I have it working now I used the two into one cable from the Samsung and plugged the red and white into audio out on the tv and into aux on sound bar and disconnected the optic lead. I also plugged headphones into the tv could get sound direct from tv but nothing from from HDMI sources

To be clear your still not getting sound from HDMI sourced?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I am getting sound from the sound bar from HDMI now but not from headphone jack on tv

This certainly points to a hardware fault with the TV, but would be inclined to leave it as is if the sound quality is ok, otherwise look to get the TV over to a repair engineer, as it sound like the main AV board needs replacing.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thanks James for what I know I reckon you are spot on thanks again I am very very satisfied. Don't worry about the phone call please cancel that request James.
Thanks a million

No problem Roger

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