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Chris L.
Chris L., Support Specialist
Category: Email
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Hi. Im unable to login to a couple of my e-mail addresses

Customer Question

Hi. I'm unable to login to a couple of my e-mail addresses on my home pc (1 work-related, 1 personal) - in both cases I can sign in, but there is a frozen/blank screen and no error messages are showing. I am able to login to these accounts on a work laptop.

I've also noticed recently that, when logging in, an 'x' appears on the right hand side of the login box, and what looks like a phone symbol appears on the right hand side of the password XXXXX - when I click on that, the password XXXXX I may have done an illegal shutdown at some point, however I'm worried that, if I attempt a reboot, packages I've downloaded onto the pc (e.g. Microsoft) may be erased.

Hope you can help!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Chris L. replied 4 years ago.
Hello my name is Chris and I will be happy to assist you.

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble.

In order ro help I will need some further information.

Can you please tell me how you are checking your mail? Are you using a web browser like internet explorer OR are you using a mail program like microsoft outlook or windows mail to get your mail?

If you are using a web browser please let me know which one as this sounds like a browser issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Chris,


I'm using Internet Explorer. I actually have a Hotmail account which I am able to log into successful on this pc.



Expert:  Chris L. replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the information.

Now as for the accounts you cannot log into, which email service are these with?

Also is your user name and password being accepted but the page is just not loading?

Lastly do you have another web browser besides internet explorer installed on this computer?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



In both cases, username and password are being accepted but the page doesn't load properly.


1 is a Talktalk (Tiscali) account. In this instance, the screen is blank where the e-mails should be.


the other is an inter-schools e-mail service (c2kni). In this instance, I can see my folders but cannot access them and again the e-mails in the inbox don't appear.


I'm not sure about the last question unfortunately! I may well have.



Expert:  Chris L. replied 4 years ago.

Yeah I am pretty positive that this is an internet explorer issue.

What I am going to have you do is clear your cache and cookies and temporary internet files.

These files are bits of the webpage that is saved on your computer in order to make it load faster however sometimes they can cause problems like this so you need to clear them out.

This will cause you to have to log back into any websites you are currently logged into and will also erase your recently visited website history but it must be done from time to time to keep the browser operating properly.

If you would like before clearing your internet explorer history you can try another web browser to confirm that it is just an internet explorer issue which I am almost positive it is.

You may try this alternate free web browser called firefox to make sure that it is in fact an internet explorer issue.

Click the link and download and install the browser and try your email again:

Now if it does work in firefox but you would like to fix your internet explorer browser here is how you can that.

In your internet explorer browser

Click on Tools (if you do not see tools click on the gear icon on the top right) next choose Internet Options.

A box will open, look under browsing history in that box and click delete and another box will open up. Put a check mark next to all of the options except for passwords and click delete again.

Once it finished close internet explorer and open it again and your issue should be fixed.

If you need further help please reply back to me and let me know.

Thank you,