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I get regular email notifications from my account with the

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I get regular email notifications from my account with the Financial Times but nothing has arrived today Tuesday 29 April 2014 and no other messages either, except some I sent myself from my father's iPad as a test. How can I solve this? I know of another message which had not arrived yesterday from my wife the day before.
Hi, and thank you for asking your question.

Who's your email provider, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.? Also, do you use any email program, e.g. Outlook, Windows Live Mail, to access your emails?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I receive my email through gmail through a domain name for a website I have (but I haven't actually built the site proper) - the domain is: I can't really talk at a technical level myself. This has been handled by a friend of mine who is now in Canada and who keeps up the domain name for me every year.


I also use a standard mailer to actually handle my emails in my MacBook. I always access gmail and at the same time the mailer, so I can use either, just as I can use my phone to handle email too, where gmail is synced.


Is this enough information?

Yes, thank you for the clarification. Just one more thing: do you currently have the login credentials for your domain provider? This will help us verify the email settings set for the domain. Do let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have a password XXXXX gmail every now and then asks me for in order to access email. But I don't think I have the level of information you need.


Actually I was just emailing my friend Roland Tanner who set up this system, so I'll see if he can provide this information.


The problem is that I may not be able to get hold of him immediately.


It might help if I copy you the email I sent him:


"Hi Roland, I am onto one of these 'experts' Google allow one to access and of course they keep asking me to sign up for monthly contracts. But meanwhile I thought I will mention this problem to yourself.

I can tell I am not receiving email because I have an account with the Financial Times and they send me every morning about 4 or 5 emails with contents of the paper every day plus some special reports.

It is possible the state might be interfering with me, because they know I am preparing to send some messages tomorrow with letters to Larry Elliott the economics editor in the Guardian and to XXXXX XXXXX who has set up the Council for the Defence of British Universities.

Do you have any advice? Rod"

If you look up the Wikipedia entry 'someone' set up for myself, Rod Eley, you might understand what I am talking about.

Sorry for the trouble. If you can sort out the trouble you'll be worth the $28! But I'm afraid I'm a pensioner and not able to take out any monthly pay plan!
I see; now, please go to on your browser, then login to your account there. Are you able to access your emails this way?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well, I clicked on the link you provided and it took me there (unless I am there already!) and I have just received an email from my Dad's iPad which I tried to send 2 days ago and which the iPad told me at lunch had 'failed'.


Now a message has come in from Roland Tanner in Canada:


It may take a while to come back. I'm getting your emails, but it is not an absolute thing. The DNS records will take a while to recover.

Again - this is my fault. I had forgotten that that was an active domain.



So this may explain the problem! Please bill me for the ? $28 or whatever it was, Mr Rath, and thanks for your efforts. It sounds as though Roland is going to handle the situation from now on!


All the best to you wherever you are! I have some problems like this from time to time, sometimes the explanations are not so paranoid! But sometimes they are! Rod

Okay, that's good - since you are able to access the web interface of your Gmail account, and receive emails using the same, you should not face any issues with your account from now on.

Also, if you face any issues with accessing emails on your iPad, you just need to remove and add the account back on the device itself (by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendar).

You may just rate this answer below, in order to close out your question now. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX a great day ahead!

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