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Hi I have recently signed up to google apps for business -

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Hi I have recently signed up to google apps for business - as a 1 user account
I have verified my domain in google app account. I still need to finalize email setup

We have over 40 email addresses within my company - so we just set up the google app account under 1 user as we wanted a social media email that was gmail based ( that had our domain name in it ) so setup of google + and youtube could happen and have all the google app benefits to it

Currently when I email this new google app email address it says , mail failed - I partly know this is result of the fact that I am yet to finalize email setup

What I am not sure about is , if I set up the email based on my primary domain , will this mean all the other emails will fail as the 40 email address are hosted and service form a none google app account

How can I ensure that I can receive emails into my 1user google app account ( I need to receive conformation email , notification emails etc ) but ensure the existing 40 email addresses continue to work

I want to use the primary domain for the google app email account.
Hi and thanks for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you.

Unfortunately what you want to do isn't possible. Each domain on the internet can only have email hosted by one provider. For the sake of this explanation let's say you have the one new Google Apps account and then you have 40 other accounts hosted by GoDaddy. You can only point the email to GoDaddy or Google Apps, not both.

One thing you could consider is settings up an alias on GoDaddy that would point toward your Google Apps test email address. For instance if you setup your domain on Google Apps as***@******.*** you also have an email called***@******.***. If you send an email to that test email you will see that you receive it on your Google Apps account. So you could setup an alias at GoDaddy to point***@******.*** to***@******.***.

Let me know if you need any clarification. Thank you!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Erik


Thanks for the answer - just so I am clear I need to


The google app email = *****@******.***


Then go to "Go dadday" email - setup a *****@******.*** and then forward emails from their to the google app account email to receive emails


Or does the "Go daddy" have to be different ? ie *****@******.***


I have done this so we can create a gmail based email primarily to have google type accounts (google+, youtube etc) with our domain name



You are close. If you login to your Google Apps admin page, then click on Users, you will see the user you have setup there. If you click on that user the profile window will open. In the profile window you will see two email addresses. You will see ****@******.*** as well as ****@******.***

What you want to do is setup an alias or an email on GoDaddy and then forward email from that to ****@******.*** This way any email sent to ****@******.*** will end up in the Google Apps mailbox.

It's by no means a perfect solution, but it will get the job done and you will be able to use the Google Apps account to link to Google+ etc.

I hope that clears things up, let me know if not. Thanks again!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for the reply - is possible to send me a screen grab of where I can see the 2 email addresses as I can only see one under the one user in google apps


Also - which email address should I now use ? as if I use the gmail based email to open , all email notifications will not reach me? right? I will need to use the go daddy emai laccount , which won't have the google features we need


sorry but a bit confused here -

I wanted to have a business domain email which was the central social media email - which was google app based , but what i didn't realise is you can't have 2 email systems on the same domain - so best to cancel my google app account for 1 user and just create generic google email


Unless you say I can still use google app email ( with main domain ) to login to google+ etc

Hi Brendon - I believe it would still work as other Google services will recognize the email as a Google Apps address (even though it really isn't). Only way to know for sure is to test it out with a service.

Here is a screenshot of where you see the two email addresses:


That being said if using a normal Gmail account is an option for you it would certainly be easier. Thanks!
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