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A. Stevens
A. Stevens, Computer Engineer
Category: Email
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Experience:  10+ years of Desktop, Laptop, and Server troubleshooting and support.
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Iv jest got a new azurill mk809111 mini PC for my TV . I plugged

it in and all I... Show More
it in and all I got is "type password ***** decrypt storage" what password? Can someone help?
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A. Stevens :

Hi, I am A. Stevens here to help with your question!

A. Stevens :

Could you tell me when this password ***** comes on?

A. Stevens :

Is it when the mini PC first powers on?

A. Stevens :

Before you even can get to Windows or anything like that?

A. Stevens :

Please let me know when you return, so that we can continue working on this question. I will respond as soon as possible when I see your reply.

Customer: when very first plugged in the mk809III it came straight on immediately. I proceeded straight to settings in order to set the time and date etc however i suddenly had to leave the premises so i turned it off via the onscreen on/off switch. on my return i turned on the tv, went to the designated input point on the tv and then all I have had since is the blank screen asking for the password ***** decrypt storage. Tried extensively to try to find the password ***** but no luck.
A. Stevens :

Have you tried rebooting the PC since?

A. Stevens :

It seems like you somehow have a drive lock on the machine that is requiring a password.

A. Stevens :

But you said you never set that up?

Customer: how do i reboot it
Customer: ? there is no buttons etc on the device, its just attached to the tv. Also I do not have a laptop. No, never set a password.
A. Stevens :

Is there a power cable going to the device?

Customer: yes it takes power from the tv.
A. Stevens :

Hmm, could you try disconnecting then reconnecting the power?

Customer: i jest turnd off tv and unpluged device then reconnected and went straight back to enter password.
A. Stevens :

Could you tell me where you purchased the device from?

Customer: i got it from amozon
A. Stevens :

A. Stevens :

Is that the device>

Customer: its a android 4.2 mini pc 1.8GHZ quod core 2G ram RK3188 tv box dongle bluetooth WIFI hdmi MK809 III