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Cory, Support Technician
Category: Email
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Experience:  5+ years of email experience
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My e-mail and others blocked and the message requires my personal

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My e-mail and others blocked and the message requires my personal details to be entered with my photo as a security check. Is this a genuine microsoft demand? Or malware?
Welcome, I am Cory.

Is this an email you got saying it is from Microsoft?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have tried to reply but your request for information is repeated. What do I do now?


I am not sure why that is happening.

Is this an email you are getting?

Can you paste it here?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The message is superimposed over my inbox page demanding security details including my photo. Is this a genuine Microsoft security requirement?

I don't know how to paste it for you. Sorry.


Can I connect remotely and look at it for no additional charge?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Certainly, how do I do this.


To connect remotely.

Please click to download the remote software.

Please click I agree
You will get a popup to save Elsinore.ScreenConnect.Client.exe
(You may have to click Download.)
Click Save File (You might have to look in the download folder to find the program.)
When you open it and run it, please click Yes.

You will be connected.

Are you having an issue connecting?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have said my e-mail appears blocked so I can't download .
This messaqge is from my I - pad. I have clicked to allow the E.Screen etc software to connect to my Samsung computer. Afterwards I keep getting your pages to take out long term help, which I can't use with my present state of knowledge of computer usage!
My lack of expertise is worrying me and if you can't deal with the problem via this "E.S"software for me,I think it best to say thank you but to go elsewhere for help from a more competent person face to face.
I usually use the computer for e-mails/word processor and google.
All else is by trial and error with much resulting blood-pressure elevation which is dangerously high as a result of my computer ineptitude!
If you can access my Samsung touch-screen computer with its 8.1 operating system, to eradicate the apparently Micrsoft security message across my e-mail in-box page please do so for me.
Otherwise just let me and my problem disappear from your life.
Terry Vines.
If it is the account info page, please just go to or, which ever one you use and tell me if your email inbox shows up.Please let me know if this fixes it?If you have any questions, please reply and let me know.
Cory and other Email Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I now await microsoft's security release in 30 days. The message to me was not malware. If you had told me so, as I assume you should have known as an expert, I would have had speedy reassurance. In the end I have now paid a further 50 pounds for an expert to help me directly and also to make the program much more user-friendly for me.
I suggest you (microsoft) should devise a simpler procedure for users such as me and ensure that the need for the check is more adequately advertised as genuine by you.
I found your continual screen presentation of offers of more expensive security annoying.
The modified Windows 8 program is far too elaborate for my needs and the I-pad's seems much more appropriate.
I understand that a simpler operating program is to aavailable in the future.
The sooner the better.

This is normal. When the password ***** ***** and you give them a new email address or phone number, you have to wait 30 days for it to become active. It is set up this way, so that a hacker can not go in, change your information and lock you out.

I am sorry for all of the confusion.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Please ensure that Microsoft does not invoice me automatically in the future for any advice or help unless specifically requested by me to do so.

I have had the Microsoft 8.1 operating system software reconfigured to be more user-friendly for me and now await the permanent unblocking of my e-mail and the other functions,when the 30 days' period has expired

Thank you, Terence

P.S. Cory,

I am alarmed that Microsoft has permanently fixed my subscription to be paid. I don't know how this happened and I do not want it. My attempts to cancel the subscription on-line bewilders me, the processes are not user friendly for me!

It will cost me £50 to get someone to help me, so please do this for me and confirm the cancellation by e-mail.

Thank you,I will try very hard not to bother you again.