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Chris L.
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Why does the email password ***** break transmission when

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Why does the email password ***** break transmission when sending identity to the providers server, The imap, Pop3 input and the SMTP output all break transmission before recognition. I have tried multiple email program clients and even Live Mail and none of them work so it must be in my computer.


If it helps or hinders we are talking about Windows 7 !

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you.

This is not the first time recently I have heard of issues like this involving talk talk. I am assuming you can log in through talk talk web mail with no issue. What interests me here is that you have set your account up on other mail clients and still it is not connecting?

Is that correct?

Just so we are on the same page have you also tried all the different settings such as changing incoming and outgoing ports in your mail settings?

Please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris - Yes I have tried on IMAP and POP3 ports whic are the ports that the rovider is using. I have now recovered my Web mail after suffering timeouts from multiple logins!

It looks as though there has been an attempted hacking on my computer around 3rd october. I have tried the different ports using Live Mail and emClient, Thunderbird and others so it does look as though the registry has something in it that is affecting the validation of identity. Can you help with identifying what it could be? Otherwise it looks as though it will be a complete reload of the operating system from the manufacturers disk. I can't risk a Restore in case the bug is hidden in the system and has been saved with it.



What I am actually suspicious of is an issue on talk talks end that they are not owning up to. You sound like you have a good grasp on this stuff and I worked on this to no end with another client this week and could not get it working either. They also had a hacking attempt and reset the password ***** could log in via talk talk webmail but outlook would not connect again.

I am wondering if talk talk mail servers are blocking pop and imap connections from accounts which had recen security issues? I am sure that the folks who answer the phone over there won't know as they likely just read from a script and do not have info on the mail servers.

The "hacking" that may or may not have happened would likely have nothing to do with your computer itself. It would have to do with the account being hacked on talk talks mail servers. No one would break into your computer to hack your email.

If possible do you have another computer you can try and set the account up on? If so try that.

Also try sending an email to [email protected] and explain the issue. They may have added your computers IP address to a blacklist to not allow it to connect through POP or IMAP. That is my best guess at this time. I really don't thing the issue is on your end meaning a problem with your computer or registry entry or anything. I think talk talks security system is knackered but I am not positive.

Give the above suggestions a go and let me know, I would love to figure this out with you and hopefully the above will help.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry Chris, Undecided

You did not asnwer the question. With regard to your other client I found out by getting help in installing Mailbird instead of Eudora. During the mailbird installation I got a chance to install NET4 fRAMEWORK which Eudora doesnt seem to use but the IMAP Server apparently does because it works!

I think the hacker either put a Trojan to disable my Net Framework or there was a glitch in the Microsoft Updates.

I am nearly at the stage of full recovery but I do have to verify my new email address to providers who I have used for som years. Especially those in the USA who demand positive identification.

Please feel free to use this solution and it is up to you whether you decide to refund on the contract.


Hi Doug,

Great job figuring that one out. I would've for sure needed access to the computer to solve that one.

Mt other talktalk person I was working I ended sorting out but not this but thanks for teh info.

As for refunds I actually have control over anything billing related I am afraid so it will need to be your choice.

All the infomration is here:

Thank you,