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I have a rather trivial problem but would be very grateful

Customer Question

I have a rather trivial problem but would be very grateful advice, please. Against my long held beliefs, I recently opened a Twitter account. I am a straightforward, honest kind of soul and gave all my details as required including my email address which has my "nom de plume", this being the name I thought would be displayed. The reason is that I have an unusual name which, according to my searches, show me as the only person in the UK with the name! However, when I made my first Tweet (is that the right terminology? ) my full name was displayed. I tried to contact Twitter but to no avail. Do I just give up and accept that an old fart like me should leave new technology to the young or is there a solution to my problem? I have nothing to hide and Twitter would always, and rightly, have all my details but most Tweeters appear to have a nom dr plume so why not me? Thank you , I hope you can help because I hate to be beaten by the system, no matter what the system is.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  James K. replied 3 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer

you Can change it no problem

Log in to and visit your account settings pages from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

On your account settings page, change the username listed in your username field.

If the username is taken, you'll be prompted to choose another one.

Click Save changes at the bottom of the page

Cheers James

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