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I was registered with outlook 109 emails then after

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I was registered with outlook 109 for my emails then after my son in law connected a new printer for me and then did things i dont know about Ifound Ihad to give password ***** outlook and it said give a password ***** now i am and am not getting my emails.Ihave tried to register my original email but still no luck and I am waiting for a firm to contact me re delivery of a mattress so Iam panicking Ijust want my old email back. Can you help me at all As you can probably tell I am new to computers. ASP the mattress is due to be sent on 9th but they cannot get me if my email doesnt work plus my power company send emails when my readings are due I NEED ALL INSTRUCTIONS REALLY TOLD TO ME IN GREAT DETAIL AS I AM NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE TECHNICAL STUFF AT ALL IF YOU CAN HELP WITH THAT .ALANA. Ialso know my other email has gone into the ether because  I get about 10 emails a day if not more .

Thank you for your question, my name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you.
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I believe you by accident, signed into the wrong account.
Click on your name in the top right and click Sign Out.
Then sign back in on the correct account and let me know if you then see your emails.
Your computer was set up to automatically sign you into outlook, but your Son in Law turned this off, this is why this happened, so we just need to get you back into the correct account.
Let me know the results please
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