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Who owns the email server ? I used to have

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Who owns the email server for Freeserve?
I used to have an account *****@******.***
I know over the last two weeks people have sent emails to this address and I cannot retrieve them.
This afternoon somebody got a reply saying the mailbox was full.
I currently have an email address of *****@******.*** but would like to see what has been sent to the Freeserve account. I would also like to use it again and delete all the unwanted stuff in there.
Can you help?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you.

The company who manages that server now is called EE , they previously were called Orange. They have be rebranded.

You should be able to log in through the webmail interface with your address at this page:

Just enter your email address and password ***** it says check your email in the orange box.

The company name has been changed multiple times but freeserve is definitely now owned by EE, here is more info on them:

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have tried to log in using the website that you gave me but it did not work. You probably did not read my question thoroughly enough to give a proper reply. All you did was to direct me to the log in page. That is no good. I need to talk to a person that may have some control at Freeserve. I don't need a log in page.

My apologies, I told you owned the server which I thought is what you wanted to know and is the correct answer.

I am unsure as to why you were unable to log in though. What I would suggest is you give a ring to EE###-##-####966250 since they are the ones who absorbed freeserve.

You will probably have to go through some steps to get the right person but I would advise you speak with technical support first.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK I will try that tomorrow.

Thank you.

To reiterate I said I used to have a Freeserve email address but officially I now no longer are able to use it. I want to contact somebody to help me get into my old account.

Yes I think calling would be the best option. However depending on how long it has been since you accessed it they may or may not be able to help but hopefully they can.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How can I ensure my Apple Mac inbox get all my emails especially the google accounts? I have 5 in total.

As long as the accounts are set up correctly and you have an internet connection there should be no reason you wouldn't receive them.

If you are having problems with not receiving I suggest you open a new question on the site and myself or someone else can assist you with this.