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I Have Microsoft Office 2007 and sent 2 emails via Outlook.

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I Have Microsoft Office 2007 and sent 2 emails via Outlook. Can I trace if they were delivered. I did not request an acknowledgement

Hi, welcome and thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I am glad to assist you today.
When you send an email using MS Outlook or any other similar program, the best indication that it is delivered IF and only IF you did not receive a Failure Delivery Notification right after sending the email or a few hours after the email was sent.
If you did not receive any Failure Delivery Notification (FDN), then I am sure the message or email was sent successfully. In that case, there is no need for tracing the email and unfortunately, there is no way to trace the email as it is considered delivered after hitting the SEND button and no FDN arrived in your Inbox after sending.
What you can do to "trace" the email is, I believe you are referring to "knowing"if the email you sent was opened or read by the recipient. This is possible though in MS Outlook but you need to set it first before sending the email message.
For more information regarding the requesting of delivery receipts or read receipts in MS Outlook, please refer to this link:
Now to answer your original question, if you DID NOT receive any "Failure Delivery Notification" (FDN) after sending the 2 emails, then rest assured that they are delivered but you will not be notified unless you turn on the feature to request read receipts.
I hope that helped.
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