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Seth Merrick explains
Seth Merrick explains, Computer Expert
Category: Email
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My 02 dongle 3 gb will not make contact with friends with

Customer Question

my 02 dongle 3 gb will not make contact with friends with tablets my emails are
always rejected HELP
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Seth Merrick explains replied 2 years ago.
Hello! I'm a tech profesional with JustAnswer.comIt sounds like you're having two separate issues:1) You're unable to use your O2 wireless dongle with your tablet-device; is that correct?2) Separate issue: You're unable to send emails; you receive a "bounce" or rejection.... Have I understood your issues correctly so far? Please let me know, and we can begin to troubleshoot.Thanks!- Joseph, Technology Expert
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi seth thank you for replying to mums request for help. her issues are that all emails sent to friends with tablets on bt lines are sent back to mums laptop as failed she has taken laptop to o2 to check out the issue to be informed that the dongle is ok .

Expert:  Seth Merrick explains replied 2 years ago.
Hi! Thanks for your informative response.Are you saying this?:"All of her emails get sent fine -- EXCEPT the ones to friends who have internet service from".... Is that accurate?If so, here's my next question: Has she called those friends, to ask if they've been receiving *any* emails lately? Because the problem may be on their end.See these pages for more info:* from BT's website:"We want the move to BT Mail to go as smoothly as possible and the checks are designed to make sure nothing unexpected happens.If you do nothing - and you access your emails via an email program or using a device - it's possible that your email service will be temporarily disrupted when we move you. (You'll then need to change your settings.)If you use some of the BT Yahoo services at the moment such as Flickr or Yahoo Groups, you won't be able to continue logging in using your BT Yahoo Mail username and password.And if you use disposable email addresses, we won't be able to move these to BT Mail so you may need to make a note of these so that you can create new ones after your move."Also, for your mother's friends to fix their email issue (assuming it's a problem on BT's end) : .... If you ultimately find this answer of use, Then Please be sure to mark it as "Resolved," in order to support my work. If not, I'm happy to troubleshoot further.P.S. I would also suggest that, if/when your mother rings her friends, that she specifically ask them what their current email address is -- as it may've changed. (I.e., so she can compare it to what she currently has on-file.)Many thanks! Please keep me updated.
Expert:  Seth Merrick explains replied 2 years ago.
Hello!Have you made any progress on this issue?If you found my previous response to be helpful -- (my second reply, which was sent on August 21st) -- then please rate my answer as successful/useful.If not, I'd be happy to assist further.- Technology Expert