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HiI am a non tech senior citizen and emails are driving

Customer Question

I am a non tech senior citizen and emails are driving me nuts.
I have had a personal Hotmail email address for many years and it has been set up for me via Live Mail. When I get an email, I get a little notification on the right hand side of the taskbar accompanied by a little ding.
So far, so good. That works.
OK. Recently I started a small website for my business and enquiry emails were addressed to***@******.***. These emails are forwarded to my Hotmail account and I therefore have to reply from that address.
I decided it would be better to have a separate email address for the business and tried to set up a new Hotmail address. No joy. Not available. I then set up a gmail address and can access it OK via an icon on my desktop. However, no notification, no ding.
It has been explained to me that I am accessing it through the Internet and I have to use a server or something eg Outlook. Now the problems really started.
I first tried to use my Live Mail, but Google won't let me. They say it is insecure.
I tried Outlook, but it brings up my Hotmail account and although I have managed to get the gmail stuff unto it, it shows that address up as a category.
I don't want the Hotmail to show here, I only want the gmail.
Additionally, I can't get the Outlook icon onto the taskbar - it links to the Internet box on the start bit, so I suspect this is internet access also.
How do I get the notification, the ding, the icon on the taskbar and only gmail showing?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Josh replied 2 years ago.
Hi! I would be more than happy to setup your Gmail for you with the option for "dings". I am sending you an offer so that I can connect to your computer and set it up for you.