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I have several websites hosted in the US, and reasons

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I have several websites hosted in the US, and for various reasons I want to migrate these to a hosting company in the UK. I have access to my CPanel with each hosting company. The UK company is OK with migrating the websites, as long as they have access to my CPanel in the US company.
I need to understand any possible issues with handling email, as several websites use the domains as part of their email address.
In other words, on one website, say,, I use***@******.*** as an email address, and this gets forwarded to my Gmail account. I reply to these emails from***@******.*** from Gmail.
Could any expert please explain what I should be specifying in this migration to ensure a smooth transition?
Thank you.
If they import the cPanel back up to the cPanel then all the settings including (databases, files, emails, re directions) will be migrated. If they only migrate the site, then the emails will need to be re-configured. After the migration, they will provide you a DNS to update name servers at the registrar level to point to the new hosting. How many sites are these and what is running on them? eg: WordPress? Static Sites? Magento? If they are running complicated sites with large databases, then there may be issues with configuration which can only be fixed and checked after the migration.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

There are 8 sites, mainly WordPress. They are not complicated sites.

I will find out more details and report back.

If they are wordpress, then it should all be easy.