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Quiksilver07070, Computer Support Specialist
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Computer has just shut down and restarted. I was in the middle

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computer has just shut down and restarted. I was in the middle of an email. How do i get it back.
Hello and thank you for choosing Firstly, i am very sorry this happened to you, it is very frustrating, and annoying when this happens. Secondly, WHAT email program, or service were you using to TYPE up the email when the computer restarted? Sometimes (depending on which email program you are using) the email program will AUTOsave during the typing of an email, and place it in the DRAFTS folder, until it gets sent, at which point, it is moved to the outbox, or SENT folder. If your email program has a DRAFTS folder, check there for the email you were typing up when the computer restarted.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I do not have a Draft File and AOL on windows 10
Hope this helps
If there is no DRAFTS folder on your AOL email program, then im afraid the email that you WERE typing up when the computer restarted is now GONE. However, im not sure you have checked FULLY on your AOL program, to make 100% sure. I can check this for you, but i would need to connect to your computer and remote control to look at your computer. Would you like me to check for you? It does not guarantee I will find it. However, it does guarantee that IF IT IS in there I WILL find it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes please if this is the only way to retrieve the email.
Keep in mind, there is NO GUARANTEE that the email was AUTOsaved.Sometimes, if you RESTART a computer, and any programs are open, any data (text typed up in an email for example) will be ERASED and LOST, and are NOT retrievable. I will ONLY be checking all of the possible folders within AOL, and any possible HIDDEN folders within AOL. If you would to continue, please accept my proposal for REMOTE SUPPORT.
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ALrighty, i will now fire up the remote software, and provide you with a link that you will use to allow me to connect to your computer. Please stand by for the link.
Use this link to conect us together. When it asks, select RUN.