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toughguy9, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Email
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Experience:  A Post Graduate in computer science with over 11 years of experience in Data Recovery, Computer Hardware and Software
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This is marson1943 with an email address of***@******.***

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This is marson1943 with an email address of***@******.***.
I am repeatedly unable to sign in. When receiving a reconnection code I note the greeting is marson_9 nor does the code work. I have no other means of reconnecting
Hi, Thanks for using JustAnswer. This is Leela and I will help you with the question today.What is the service you are trying to access and can you please let me know when was the last time you could successfully access the service? Regards,Leela
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am trying to reconnect to Skype which I have successfully used for several years. It will not allow me to enter my password ***** longer. It also informed me when trying that I have a second account of which I was not aware. I have always used marson1943 as my user name. I also note that in the logging on procedure I am referred to as marson_9 a user name which I don't possess
Hi, Skype is now Owner by microsoft and they have integrated Skype and Live user account. Do you have a LIVE id by name marson_9? If so, it is showing as your Id.I see that there is a skype username marson1943, for your reference I have taken a screenshot and attached the same, please check it and let me know if that skype profile is yours or not.I guess based on your email address or someway it may have recognized marson1943 and marson_9 are the same person.Thanks,Leela
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't have a Live id as far as I know and certainly not marson_9. You have my Skype profile which is correct.
Hi, We can try to recover your skype if the profile I sent is yours. If not already done, please START from the below page and follow instructions and let me know how far you can proceed. If you are stuck at any point please let me know the details. Thanks,Leela
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As of today Jan.16 I have made two attempts to enter Skye, both successful. Neither required me to type in my password ***** has not happened in the years before which is suspicious. What is considered normal? In between my mailings to you Skype has sent mailings (even referring to marson_9) with further questions on contact names. The last says it has reset my account though I have never had nor needed an account as foreign phone calls are included in my talktalk bundle. No explanation of why things have gone wrong or whether I have inadvertently played a part so I remain suspicious of a permanent repair. May I remain in contact with you for a short period to prove the situation is permanent before finally closing the account? Meanwhile thank you for at least stirring them up as I can find no way of making contact with them.
Hi, Thanks for the update. Glad to know your Skype account is working fine. Please be assured that unless someone knows the password ***** won't be able to successfully login to your Skype. Please feel free to post a message on this question when you have any query and I will respond to you. If you don't have any further queries, please provide your feedback by clicking on the smiley faces on top right corner. Thanks, Leela
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think we have gone as far as we can. I am able to bring up Skype now with only one failure and the entry procedure varies ie entering both name and password ***** password *****; on one occasion there was a direct entry. I have to say in the interim I have had a visit from a talktalk engineer who uprated my system which almost doubled my download speed which previously varied from 1.4 to 5.1 Mbsec, this may have had some bearing on the problem. Thank you for the contact into Skype.