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Jess M.
Jess M., Computer Support Specialist
Category: Email
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I have sent out 3 emails in the last 5 days and each has come

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I have sent out 3 emails in the last 5 days and each has come back to me asking for my Password ***** Number. I have tried to answer the questions and been told that the answers I have given are not correct!
I moved home last October and was not able to continue with my contract with this firm as there is no link in the block of flats in which I now live. However when I asked about this I was informed that it was not a problem and I could continue using my e.mail address of***@******.***. I have sent out emails during the last few days but cannot receive them. Help!!
I have to go out now but hope you can help me>
Harvey Brosgall
Hi Harvey, welcome and thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I am glad to assist you today.I am very sorry about your issues. Are you able to RECEIVE emails just fine and just cannot send? Or you cannot send and receive at all?Please let me know by replying to me here so that I can help you further.Best regards,Jess
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I can receive emails BUT cannot send them>
Thank you for writing back with that information.Are you using a Windows computer or a Mac?How do you send and receive your emails? Is it through a web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari? Or is it through an email program like MS Outlook 2010?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Jess ,I was a customer of Virgin Media but had to leave them as the flat I now live in cannot receive their signals as their is no connection so I moved over to BT. When I spoke to Virgin Media they told me that I could continue with my email address and I have done so from October 2015 to last week. Why the change over? I need my emails. I do not know how I send and receive emails! Virgin Media can tell you I assume. Harvey
Hi Harvey,Thank you for writing back and I am very sorry about the persisting issues. I believe you are indeed able to continue using your email, that is, it was NOT deactivated since you are still able to receive emails.Are you using a Windows computer or a Mac?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Jess, I have just sent the 3 "unsent" emails which I couldn't send last week. I used the email address (mine) and my code word. If this remains working then I thank you for your help and advice. I have sent my money by Card and if it continues to work for the next few weeks then I shall cancel my Monthly Payments. Harvey Brosgall.
Hi Harvey,Thank you for writing back with that information. I am glad to be of help. If you need further assistance with this issue, just let me know by replying to me here in our chat any time so that I can assist you further.I hope I was able to help.Please remember to rate my service positively (3-5 stars/faces) if this helped. Tips are always highly appreciated!If you need further assistance, please do not rate me negatively with 1 or 2 faces. Instead, please reply to me so that I can help you further.Thank you!Best regards,Jess
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