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chrisaw, DevOps Manager
Category: Email
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A email account was setup on my ipad when it was in a pawn

Customer Question

A email account was setup on my ipad when it was in a pawn shop, how can I find out where and who did it and how they able to do such a thing as my personal data was on the ipad.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe, That does sound rather strange - was the iPad protected by fingerprint ID and/or PIN code? When you say an email account was setup on the device - do you mean a new one was added and you don't recognise it or you already had an account on there when you pawned it? Thanks! Christopher
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes it was protected with a pin but you must give then the pin as if you don't pay for it back they sell it on. Yes there was a email account setup and has been used since but I was unaware it's on there and when I tried to access it, there is no password, but the emails already on there have sexual content and use of my personal data. I had my work account on there which has information about clients, invoices places and times.
Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe, Ok - so the email account was setup by you and you're trying to figure out when and where this was last accessed to see if the pawn shop owner or staff there have accessed your data. Is that correct? Seeing who and how someone accessed the iPad is tricky but I can tell you a few things: - Nobody can access the iPad remotely without specific software being installed or without access to your Apple ID. - Did you have to remove your iCloud account from the iPad when pawning it? If not - this is very strange since you have to remove the iCloud account and perform a factory reset in order for the store to re-sell the item as while your iCloud account is logged in to the device - it is impossible to legally reset the device. - I know this is not a great deal of use at this point but in future you can lock your device remotely using "Find my iPhone" (works for iPads too) which if the device is connected to the WiFi will allow you to remotely lock and remotely wipe the device. If the device has cellular connectivity it may be possible for your telephone network to tell you where the device was last used before you got it back, etc. If not, about as good as you can do is check the known Wireless networks on the device to see if there are any giveaways there (for example - if the network is called "THEPAWNSHOP" or something obvious like that - you can take a fairly educated guess that the pawn shop staff were responsible for accessing your device. Hopefully this provides some clarity to how the process works and what you can best do about this both now and in future to secure yourself against this kind of thing. It does seem very strange to me, however, that the pawn shop would allow you to pawn the device without first performing a factory reset since that is the only way to ensure the device can actually be re-sold. If you feel your data has been accessed illegally in this instance it may be worth contacting the police and reporting this as a crime since as you mentioned - if you have company data on there it may be very helpful if anything damaging happens as a result of that to have a crime reference number. Thanks! Christopher
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They had the device for over 4 months and when I got it back it was missing it's charger, also I looked on the device but couldn't see any new WiFi access points that stood out. The email account is a Gmail, when I tried to see more of it it was asking for a password. Is it possible that some one could access and still access my other account information?
Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe, It's sounding more and more like the pawn shop perhaps sold the device and later recovered it back which seems a bit fishy. If the pawn shop provided the PIN number to the other customer - it's completely possible that the customer could have accessed any accounts setup on the device at the time. What I would recommend you do is: - Change your email account passwords.- Ensure that the iCloud account currently signed in to the device is yours and change the password ***** that also. Once these two are completed - you should be safe going forward to ensure whoever did access the device cannot access it any further. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there is much you can do from a technology standpoint to track down who it was that accessed the iPad other than checking the device to ensure they did not leave any traces. If they did add the email account - it may be worth searching online to see if you can find out who it belongs to - often just googling the email account or checking on Facebook / LinkedIn may provide clues as to the identity of the person or people who had your device. It may also be worth seeking legal advice from either your local police department, an external lawyer or one of the legal experts we have here on JustAnswer (I'm not one of them sadly so I can't really say which laws were potentially broken here but this does not sound right and puts you at risk as a customer of the pawn store.) Thanks Christopher
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi thanks for your help as you have confirmed it is possible that someone has used my ipad to make an account, I will seek legal advice and also wish that there was some way to prove the when and where of the account setup as I have followed your advice and it appears that the person is still using the account as we have looked up the address online and it shows activity today. Also we found that my telephone number is ***** as it say I am in America and yet I live in the UK and have never been to America. Is there anyway of finding out from Google when the account was created on my ipad as then it would prove when and maybe closer to who could have done it? Is it possible that someoneb as cloned my phone and other information after having the access to my ipad?
Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe, Ah ok, now that is interesting! Unfortunately there isn't really a way for you personally to check when and where the account was created but you can contact both your telephone provider and/or Apple to ask if they can provide this information. As for cloning your phone - it is technically possible but very unlikely that someone would clone your SIM card in this way as this is highly illegal and wouldn't really benefit them other than being able to make calls - to confirm this check your phone bills. It is my opinion that you should change any and all passwords you fear may be affected but I wouldn't worry too much about the phone contract side of things. I would, however, check what devices are currently logged in to your Apple ID which the following page shows you how to do: This will allow you to see if anyone else is logged in with your Apple ID and if so, log them out and lock the device they're logged in with. Thanks! Christopher
Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  chrisaw replied 1 year ago.
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