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Lorenz Vauck
Lorenz Vauck, Computer Expert
Category: Email
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Experience:  17 years of experience in fixing problems with DOS, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android & Windows. Just ask me :)
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Have used Pyro 5 on my old computer XP. Now a different

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Have used Pyro 5 on my old computer XP. Now a different computer running windows 7. Can I download the progarame software to windows 7 I have my reg. no:
CE57-942B-F478-2350 Pyro CWPE-5 00-619634-545468
Have tried using the origional disk but no go!
***@******.***. Your help would be appreciated

Dear Mr. Jeffers,

thank you very much for your questions, my name is***** and I am a computer expert, musician and sound engineer and would be happy to help you with your question.

I have to unfortunately tell you that Cakewalk Pyro 5 is not compatible with Windows 7 anymore. I have been using it myself in the good old Windows XP days, but once I´ve switched over to Windows 7, it didn´t work anymore. I have confirmed with Cakewalk once again that the program will definitely not work with Windows 7 anymore. You can also find that on their own forum:

Right now there is also no new verison that will work on Windows 7, they have completely ceased the support for Pyro unfortunately. However, if you can tell me what exactly you would like to do, I can possibly recommend another software that will work just fine under Windows 7.

If I was already able to help you, please be so kind and give me a rating between 3 to 5 stars, because only then JustAnswer will pay me a part of you payment which you´ve already paid to JustAnswer.

Thank you so much and best regards,

Lorenz Vauck

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you! Rated 5 Use PYRO for recording via USB from Digital Piano. Always been successful and made some great CDs. What system would you suggest, one I can download from NET. Use EDIROL UA-1EX as interface. Use ROXO to burn CDs. Regards Peter

Hi Peter,

thank you so much for the great rating, that´s very much appreciated. So basically, if I understand you right, you just need a program to record your music from you digital piano? Do you need advanced editing features or you basically just record, cut the beginning and endings for a bit maybe and then save it as a WAV file?

Thank you,

Lorenz Vauck

Personally I can highly recommend Audacity, it can do recording, editing and many more things. Best thing, it´s open source and hence completely free. See:

Peter, no there is no need to open up another question, we can just chat here. I´ve refunded the second question you´ve opened about that same topic, so it won´t cost you any money.

Check out

Dear Peter,

thanks again so much for the positive rating and your bonus, that´s highly appreciated!! If you ever need me again in the future, you can reach me directly here:

Have a great evening and best of continued success with your music,

Lorenz Vauck