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Richard, Software Engineer
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My husband is continually getting emails regarding his

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My husband is continually getting emails regarding his account the latest reads Your Microsoft has been (Black Listed) due to policy Microsoft Corporation (US)
However to continue using your account safely, You need to verify and restore full service 10th October, 2016, you will not be able to read and send emails.
He is then asked to verify email address message then continues
To proceed request and verify your Microsoft account security settings to enable us protect you from spammers.
Microsoft service! 2016
Blacklisted: Policy Violation
There is oriental writing at the bottom.
Can you please help as we are at our wits end as this has been going on for months now the emails appear on his hotmail account. His Gmail account has no problems.

Hi there and welcome

This is 100% a scam. This email is a fake and Microsoft would never email you like this.

This is what is known as "email phishing" it is can be a very serious problem if you do let them access your account by doing the instructions they ask you to do.

Basically what they will do is email a lot of people and say that you have problems. Any actual problems you have will be entirely coincidental. They will then get you to click something, and enter in your details. When you do this, then they gain access to your account and it is effectively hacked. It can be very hard to get access back again after doing this.

You are best to delete these emails when you receive them, and NEVER do any of the instructions they ask. Even though the emails look like they are from Microsoft, it is all a fake

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Thank you


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