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taratill, Solicitor
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Hello, I terminated my contract after 6 years continuous

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I terminated my contract after 6 years continuous employment and i gived 4 weeks notice as per policy and only enjoyed 5 days holidays from my 29 days entitlrment
Can you please adivise on what will be my entiltlemenets. I get payed 35000 a year
Hello and welcome to Just Answer, are you asking what your entitlement is in respect of paid annual leave? If so can you tell me if your leave year runs from January to December?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Good morning,


Sorry maybe i dint explain myself properly. Im leaving my compnay after 6 years continous employment, i get paid £35000 ayear, i gived the company 4 weeks notice as per law, im intitled to 29 days holiday , i only enjoyd 5 days. I would like to know what is my apyment or what im entitled to be payed when leaving.

Hello thanks,

You are entitled to be paid notice as normal, so you will receive pay for the 4 weeks notice that you work.

You will also be paid for your holiday entitlement up to the date that you leave (the last day of your employment). If you get 29 days a year this will be pro-rataed to the number of days you are entitled to for that part of the year and the number of leave days that you have already taken will be deducted.

There are no further statutory entitlements upon leaving a job.

It is not possible for me to calculate the exact amount to you wil get as i do not know your leave year and what deductions are taken. If you ask your employer should be able to provide you with the figure.

All the best.

Please remember to give positive feedback. I will be happy to answer your follow on questions.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

can I just ask another question, i rented a flat for a year, is 2 months enough for me to give to the landlord that im leaving?

Hello I'm afraid that I am not able to answer this. I am an employment lawyer not a property lawyer. You could ask a new question on a new thread and a property lawyer will pick it up.