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I recently left employment in a charity and followed the appropriate

Customer Question

I recently left employment in a charity and followed the appropriate mechanisms as per my contract in terms of notice etc. During my notice period I was subject to harassment by my manager who is also the CEO of the company. Since their was nothing in the grievance policy as to how to manage this dynamic I requested an exit interview with the chair of trustees to document my experiences and initiate a process whereby proper procedures were put in place to protect other employees. I was not looking to go the grievance route but have grounds to do so should I choose. After I had received my final pay I had to complete a piece of work but this was no longer a permanent employee. It was agreed that I would be paid for this but I sent my invoice on 13th May and followed it up two weeks ago. I still have not been paid. The stalling is due to my manager not sending and approving my invoice to finance. It is not an issue of whether I should be paid but a further way in which he is trying to exert control. Three other members of agency staff and the agency are also about to make a complaint. My question is that given the CEO is stalling my payment what is the best course of action? It is not a huge sum of money more the case that I want sever all ties with the organisation. My manager is also making it difficult for me to get a reference from my clinical supervisor by stating this has to come through the organisation rather than straight to the relevant individual. She has written the reference and there are no concerns re my quality of work but I suspect this is an additional way in which he is going to stall things for me. Any advice as to how to manage this situation? I do not have a contract documenting the rights of individuals who are not permanent employees so it makes it difficult to know how long is reasonable to wait to be paid and whom I should approach to rectify this matter given it is the CEO who is causing the problem.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  taratill replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer, has any reason been given for the failure to pay?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. When I sent a reminder to the member of senior management who acted as my point of contact I was told it "had been forwarded to the CEO" and she was sure it would be settled "promptly". Given it was first sent and acknowledged on 13th May I want to escalate my response to sever ties with the organisation. This is particularly pressing as I am aware that the locum agency who have supplied three psychologists plus two of the locums are about to make a formal complaint to the chair of trustees. I fear that this is also going to result in the CEO getting in the way of me receiving a reference from my clinical supervisor. She is the most appropriate person to provide this as is from the same discipline as myself and is happy to do this but now my ex manager is stating that any request for a reference must come through the organisation where I was employed rather than direct to my supervisor who is external. The CEO is the person who holds my personnel file. There are no issues which he can raise about my practice, attendance etc but unfortunately I fear it is a power and control dynamic again which is particularly concerning given it was a charity which worked specifically with domestic violence. There is no question that the work which I am asking for payment was done.

Expert:  taratill replied 4 years ago.
Hi I am just travellling I will get back to you later this evening.