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Been given a salary increase letter stating my basic salary

Customer Question

Been given a salary increase letter stating my basic salary £80,000 this month was underpaid and hr admitted an error and my salary was £73 ,000 , the basic salary for my role and experiance is £85,000 , i have experiance to the worth of £85,000 and assumed my new salary reflected on my experiance , Tesco have now deducted to my base salarly which is below the base rate and renege on the letter stating my salary of £80,000 where do i stand legally
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  cityguru replied 4 years ago.
Hi thanks for your question. Are you saying that they have withdrawn your pay rise from £73k to £80k or are you saying they are honouring that but refusing to give you £85k ?

On what basis do you benchmark the role at £85k?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The benchmark salary is£85k which has been published so in the common domain

The salary HR payroll has me now is £73k


The letter i recieved was excluding car allowance a base of £73k and car allowance of £7k taking me to £80k TOTAL


This month salary give me a base of just £73k , where the last two months i was paid £80K



Expert:  cityguru replied 4 years ago.
Ok well if you got a letter saying you are now on 80k and you have worked on that basis the they cannot withdraw it. You can ( in theory at least ) bring a tribunal claim for the shortfall.

The bench mark salary is more difficult. An employer is not obliged to pay you at any particular level other than the one in your contract. What they cannot do s treat you differently form other employees for an improper reason. So for example all men being paid more than women for the same or comparable roles. So if you have someone else doing the same job and paid more based not on skill experience or performance but on something else such a s gender or race then you might be able to complain but otherwise there is not much you can do other than raise the issue as a formal grievance.