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Victimised by Senior Management of Local Council.

Customer Question

Victimised by Senior Management of Local Council. I have been employed by my local council (in Northern Ireland) for 2.5 years. This morning I received a letter calling me to a disciplinary hearing (for misuse of council time on 27/08/2013) on Friday 20th September. I had only returned to work on Tuesday 27/08/2013 after being off since July 2012 with work related stress. I had lodged a grievance/complaint letter on 02/10/2012 regarding bullying & harrassment of me by my line manager. This took the council 6 months to investigate (it states in their policy 30 days), they found my allegations unsubstantiated. I appealed but they stood by their manager/s. All out of options I returned to work. The letter I received from the Assistant Director stated that I was to return on 27/8/2013 and he would meet with me to reintroduce me to my team etc. On my first day back at work I waited 4 hours and he didn't turn up, so I went home. I informed my union of the treatment I was further being subjected to. The next day, I again waited until 11.30 when the Assistant Director arrived, a meeting was held and the previous day discussed. This meeting ended on what I believed to be a positive note, with the Assistant Director telling me to call him if I had any issues. This was also the same Assistant Director who stopped my pay with no notice (Nov 2012 - I called in the HMRC payment dispute team to resolve it otherwise I would never have received it. Also a complaint letter was lodged regarding what appeared to be unlawful deduction from my wages and asking for a reply, to which no reply was ever received). So, I believe this is 'payback' for all that has went before. Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards.

(I have recorded all meetings with the council officials, to ensure I was safeguarded against any slurs that may later be raised - one such was by my line manager & the HR Officer who outlined I was rude and aggressive during one meeting, but as yet I have not made known that from the recording I can prove this malicious)  Previous advice suggested that it can be considered distasteful that I recorded meetings but it is more distasteful that I can not put my faith in the processes of the organisation and have to go to such great lengths to protect myself.)

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What specific queries do you have about this?

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Is this just a computer generated answer? All the details were included in the brief.