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I was a long term employee of a multi-national oilcompany.

Customer Question

I was a long term employee of a multi-national oilcompany. I worked offshore on an oil installation.
I found myself subject to rumours regarding my sexuality due to my quiet nature, I made complaints, which only exacerbated the situation, and I was made to feel as though I was a trouble-maker.
I got my head down, studied hard, earned a degree and managed to get myself a position based in the company office. Things settled down and when the project was completed I made a return to an offshore position, which I really didnt enjoy. I re-approached the company and they put me in a supervisory position. During my time in this position my job was made impossible with me being completely unable to obtain any assistance from anybody for even the most basic of tasks. Again I was subjected to rumour mongering, now the rumours had moved on to say that I was incapable and didnt interact with anybody. I felt the position was untenable and I started applying for other positions, and when I received a satisfactory offer I left.
However the company re-approached me about 6 months later asking if I would return on a contract basis. Which I did, however again I found that my position became completely impossible, with me being completely unable to complete even the most basic of tasks due to nobody being willing to help. Again I was subjected to rumours suggesting I was incompetent and incapable of interacting with other people. I found myself moved down to a big warehouse building and completely isolated from the other engineers. Approaching the end of the contract I asked them if I was going to receive an extension and they couldnt answer. So I began searching for another role. When I handed my notice in they offered me a contract extension and more money, however by this stage I had already accepted the other role and did not want to muck the new employer about. I found myself subjected to a wide manner of "dirty tactics" in order to pressure me to stay as the role was deemed a key position that was critical to the company keeping the contract with the client. despite my lack of success in achieving anything I was still, apparently, difficult to replace due to the highly skilled nature of the role.
My boss at the previous employer was an ex manager of the competitor I have moved to. I have moved to the new role and have found that I am again subjected to rumours of incompetency, and inability to interact and am finding it extremely difficult to get any assistance from anybody.
The new employer was making an attempt to constructively dismiss me, I heard whisperings. I went straight to senior management / HR of my new employer. However I believe that this action has merely stalled the inevitable.
I am booked on a "work preparator" training course on 20th November - this is a requirement of the role. I am aware that they have to give me 40 days after this to enable me to demonstrate I can succeed in the role. After that I believe I will be made redundant (mid January)
Im really not sure that I have a leg to stand on now. Any advice appreciated
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  taratill replied 4 years ago.

taratill : Hello and welcome to Just Answer, how long have you worked for your existing employer?
JACUSTOMER-jeu5w30q- :

just over a month

taratill :

Do you think that your current employer is trying to get rid of you due to perceptions of your sexuality?