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My wife who is from asia and been here in the UK for 8 years

Customer Question

My wife who is from asia and been here in the UK for 8 years has been placed at risk of redundancy as a result of a re organisation within her company where her job was being re-moved from the organisation. She along with 2 other managers were advised to re-apply for the 2 roles which she duly did, and the interviews took place last week. Yesterday she was advised she was not succesful and she has her consultation meeting tomorrow.
The issue she has is as follows, firstly back in June she was asked to apply for a new management role being created, as an existing manager within her department, she applied and was not succesful as they gave the job to someone below her saying that they had more experience! My wife questionned the process as she felt she had been wrongly directed and after several meetings she put in a grievance against the manager as she believed her experience in Asia was not considered and she was infairly treated.

The company followed the internal process for any grievances and they found in favour of the manager, subsequently the relationship has not been very good, however, my wife has continued to perform her duties to a very high standard.

The decision and re structure left my wife very vulnerable as she was left managing 1 person only, and she questionned how that could be sustained, she was told it was possible that a further review may take place.

6 months later, her fears were confirmed and she is facing losing her job, unfairly in our opinion as we strongly suspect this is personal and the situation has been constructed.

As a point of interest, the MD of the company spoke to my wife before the interviews and offered her additional financial incentive to accept the redundancy, but was told the offer would be taken back should she decide to re-apply for one of the roles.

We would appreciate your advice on the matter and how should she approach tomorrow meeting?

This is a brief outline of the case, there is more details that we could share but at thios point we are looking for a steer
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 4 years ago.

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